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360º Training: Interaction with all phases of the productive chain, through multidisciplinary work with students of careers related to the sector.

Specialized Infrastructure: Environments and laboratories specialized in the production of raw materials, environmental care, health and nutrition that allow research activities, teaching, learning and university extension.

- Bromatology Laboratories, Food Technology Laboratory

- Aquaculture Research Center

- Veterinary clinic with live simulators

- Bio greenhouse orchard

Livestock Fair: A national event related to the development of livestock production activities.

Modern teaching and evaluation strategy: Teaching (is) based on a method by competencies, with innovative methodology imparted by expert teachers who are leaders in their field of action.

Trend of consumption: Development of research and enterprises according to new trends of consumption.

Well-being and health: Training of professionals with a focus on consumer welfare and the assurance of food safety and quality. (product).

Entrepreneurial Vision: The student will have an education with a strong focus on the generation of their own businesses and/or the development of companies related to food production.