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Acerca de la carrera

The Career of Pharmacy and Biochemistry of the Scientific University of the South forms leaders committed to human, social and environmental development. It offers a quality educational system for the world of work, based on a personalized education that develops and encourages our students to learn successfully in their university life, assimilating the knowledge for a better professional performance, strengthening and approaching their profession from the first year of university.

We have a modern infrastructure, we provide tools and components necessary to become a professional Pharmaceutical Chemist competitive, globalized, aligned with new trends and with an international vision. Formed with values that will allow you to stand out as a professional, who seeks, understands and values the human being and his environment. We develop a high level of demand that encourages and commits our students to develop research projects.

We train professional Pharmaceutical Chemists, members of the health team, capable of assuming with responsibility and suitability a wide spectrum of activities, such as production and quality control, health care, teaching and research and consulting - administrative.


Because we offer a quality educational service that trains leading professionals in the pharmaceutical market, focused on the manufacture, quality control and management of medicine, medical supplies and devices and the like, in providing quality health services, with constant updates on global trends, language tools and office automation to improve the health care experience in Peru and the world.

•    We have 20 years of training expert health professionals.
•    Educational institution licensed by SUNEDU.
•    We offer an integral training focused on health services management.
•    We have specialized infrastructure designed and equipped with the highest quality standards for health training: high fidelity simulators and modern laboratories.
•    We offer pre-professional experiences controlled and multidisciplinary from the first years.
•    We train leaders for the world: languages and management tools.
•    We train up-to-date professionals who master global trends.