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About the Career

The agroforestry engineer from CIENTIFICA is a professional dedicated to the strategic management and development of agroforestry systems, in which different crops (coffee, avocado, mango, cocoa, and others) and tree plantations are integrated. The purpose of this work is to contribute to the country’s development, and significantly to the reduction and adaptation of the environmental impact.

Agroforestry Engineering is based on sustainable exploitation of every land used for production activities, with the goal to improve the economy and the ecosystem. Agroforestry Engineering favors soil conservation, reduces the frequency of plagues, minimizes the effects of climate change and generates different local based business opportunities with added value, oriented to exports, the sale of carbon credit and the preservation of natural resources.

The Agroforestry Engineering program is strategic, integral and sustainable:

  • Strategic: it optimizes the use of area (fields, hectares, lands), the landscape and the management of resources (for ex, the biodiversity), it “does more with less”.
  • Integral: it offers environmental, economic and social solutions as a whole.
  • Sustainable: everything done in an agroferestry system is under the sustainable development principle.  


Testimonial - Diego Aliaga