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About the Career

We seek to lead the change in health care experience from the first point of contact with the patient: the nurse.
Therefore, we complement our Faculty of Health Sciences with the professional career of Nursing, where you can help people and contribute to the care, recovery and rehabilitation of their health.

We train leading professionals, focused on health services management, with constant updates on global trends, language tools and office automation to improve the health care experience in Peru and the world.
•    We have 20 years of experience training expert health professionals.
•    We provide comprehensive training with a focus on health services management.
•    We have specialized infrastructure designed and equipped with the highest quality standards for health training: high fidelity simulators and modern laboratories.
•    We offer controlled and multidisciplinary clinical experiences from the first years.
•    We train leaders for the world: languages and management tools.
•    We train up-to-date professionals who master global trends.