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About the Career

Our Aquaculture Engineers are prepared to comprehensively manage the controlled production of small, medium and large-scale hydrobiological resources in a sustainable manner. They have managerial capacity for the management and promotion of aquaculture products, offering solu-tions to industries involved throughout their value chain, through research and development of appropriate practical application techniques.

Our Aquaculture Engineers are competent for:

  • Managing and optimizing the cultivation of aquatic organisms in a rational manner, with the ap-plication of scientific and technological bases for the production of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and algae.
  • Designing and implementing environmentally friendly aquaculture production strategies and generating new technologies.
  • Process hydrobiological resources, with safety criteria, protecting the environment and innovat-ing the creation of new products and improving existing technology.
  • Planning, executing and analyzing research projects in aquaculture and fishing processing tech-nology for direct human consumption.
  • To create and manage aquaculture and processing companies of hydrobiological resources for direct human consumption.