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The educational proposal of CIENTIFICA is characterized by its commitment to improving all its processes to offer a quality service to their entire community. Starting in 2010, our university starts an intense self-evaluation process and improvement plans to achieve the accreditation of its careers. In 2014, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science became the first accredited career under the National Model of SINEACE.

It is the formal, public and temporary recognition of the quality of a higher education institution or an educational program, which is based on a previous evaluation process, the same that is carried out by an external agency.

  • To revalue the accredited careers before their target public, having clearly defined our students’ graduate profiles, which means the achievement of their professional careers.
  • To strengthen academic information systems and improve management processes.
  • To demonstrate in terms of effectiveness and efficiency that our training process is appropriate.
  • To promote a culture of self-evaluation, self-regulation and quality improvement in both processes and results.